Setup your first Formspector

Learn how to setup and activate your first Formspector.

1) Type in the url where we can find your form

First of all we need to know where we can find the form Formspector you should test for you. On our website you can enter the url and click the button "Setup".

Then we redirect you directly inside the app. If you want you can already give your Formspector a name. Press the button "Continue" then.

2) Choose the right form

Formspector is crawling the URL now and is checking for forms. You will see the forms we found in a list with the name of the fields. Select the form you want to test.

3) Set the default values

When you select the form you want to test, we will ask you about the default values we should use when we test your form.

Because we are generating a new email address for every for submission, it is important that you tell us which field the email field is. Read more about the email field or honeypot fields.

Tipp: If you want to filter out our submissions in your system, use a special string in a field that detects us in your database.

4) Define a success submission

We need to know when a submission was successful. There are two different ways for us to check it. On the one hand, we can look for a success message on the website. But we can also check for the receipt of a confirmation email.

Choose your option and enter a text so that we can detect the success message.

5) Formspector Alert

Now you can define how we should inform you when the form is not working anymore. That's the last step and your formspector is up and running then.

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